Technical support area
Terms of service

Faustic Inferno SL, from now on referred to as "we"/"our"/"us", and you, the client, agree to the following terms of service:

  1. You confirm that you are older than 18 years and you have the required legal capacity to make online purchases.
  2. Your technical questions will be answered for free, but delays may happen depending on staff availability. In some cases we may accept an incentive from you to give your issue higher priority or to do special programming work for you.
  3. We always express monetary amounts in euros. If needed, currency conversion will be done by PayPal or your credit card issuer or equivalent entity during the payment process.
  4. Any technical features that are a result of suggestions or instructions you give us may be used by us to create new products or to improve our existing products, without you getting any intellectual property rights on our products nor any exclusive rights to use them. We too cannot restrict your right to add those technical features to products you develop or order elsewhere.
  5. These terms of service, as well as any conflicts related to them, shall be regulated by Spanish law.