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Privacy Policy

Faustic Inferno SL, from now on referred to as "we"/"our"/"us", has informed you, the client, of our privacy policy, written below, and you agree to it by registering at our site:

Your personal data

We will do our best to keep the personal data you give us safe. Our server is hosted at the data centers that our web hosting providers maintain in Spain. Our providers are not authorized to process your data, and they may access the server just for the required technical operations. We won't share your data with other companies nor with other clients. We may share your data with the authorities as required by law. We will use your data solely for the purposes of attending to your requests, processing your orders and abiding with law.

We keep backup copies of your data at our office in Madrid, Spain. These backup copies are destroyed after no longer than three years.

All the information we have about you is just the one you give us, with the only exception of your country, which for billing purposes may be obtained from PayPal during the payment process.

Email address

We need your email address to send you important information about your account, such as instructions to reset your password in case you forget it or notifications related to your technical questions.

We never use your email address for advertising.

Full name

We ask that you give us your full name because it is legally required to be written on the invoices we issue to you.

Street address

It is also required that your street address be included in your invoices. However, a legal exception establishes that it doesn't need to be included if you are acting as an individual.

If you are acting as a business, the street address is mandatory and it's your responsibility to fill it correctly. Otherwise we will assume that you are acting as an individual.

Some clients may receive a letter from us to verify their street address, with the only purpose of confirming if they are exempt from paying VAT. We never use your street address for advertising.

Fiscal identification

Your fiscal identification number, such as NIF in Spain or the equivalent in other European Union countries, may be required if you live in the European Union due to invoicing regulations.

Credit cards

We never ask you for your credit card number nor any other sensitive financial information. When you are going to pay, we'll redirect you to the PayPal site, where all the payment processing will be done. There you may be asked for your credit card number but PayPal will never share it with us.

Please don't tell us your credit card number by email nor any other channel. We are unable to process payments ourselves.

Activity log

Some of your activity is logged and linked to your IP address. This is intended as a way to diagnose technical problems. These logs are destroyed after no longer than three years.


We may send cookies to your browser. These cookies are used with no other purpose than keeping your session and helping your navigation, and they expire as soon as you close your browser.

Right of access to your data and right to rectification

You have the right to access your data and rectify them. To do so, it's enough that you log into your account, authenticating yourself by means of your email address and password.

If you have lost your password, you can create a new one at the password reset page, as long as you still have the same email address.

If you have changed your email address and you can no longer read the old one, you won't be able to access your data using the standard procedure. Because your email address is normally the only verified data we have from you, we'll need to follow a more or less complex process to verify your identity, depending on your particular situation. You may contact us to find a solution:

Right of objection

Although we don't believe that our processing of your data is included in any of the cases provided by law to enjoy your right of objection, you may contact us if you think otherwise and want to exercise this right.

Right of cancellation

Currently we don't provide an automated procedure to cancel your account. If you want to cancel your account, please send us a line to:

Remember that even if your account is cancelled, we are still legally required to keep certain data relative to your past transactions, such as invoices and payment history, at least for six years after the end of the fiscal year when they happened.